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Environment management disclosure practices of corporate enterprises in India; -

by Kuldip Singh

Institution: Punjabi University
Department: Business Administration
Year: 2013
Keywords: Business Administration; Environment Management; corporate enterprises
Record ID: 1198720
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The study on environment and disclosure practices of Indian Companies has been carriedout to examine the association between the disclosures and corporate characteristics such as size, profitability, age, risk etc., to find out the content and quality of environmental disclosures and the environment management practices of corporate enterprises, to study the regulatory framework of environment management in the corporate sector and to analyze the perceptions of investors regarding environmental management and disclosure practices. The data for the study has been collected from primary and secondary sources. The primary data has been collected from 100 respondents as to their perceptions as to environment management and disclosures. These respondents are from among the investor s class and represent the different professionals. The secondary sources: 1. Data with regard to corporate characteristics has been taken from PROWESS Database managed by CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy). The data has been extracted to establish the relationship of environmental with various corporate characteristics. Prowess database has been preferred as it provides normalized financial data relating to companies. 2. In addition, for identification of top 100 companies to be selected in the sample, BSE 500 index has been used from BSE website. Research Design: newline1. Corporate Environmental disclosure index consisting of 30 items on the basis of the content analysis. 2. To find out the association between environmental and various corporate characteristics analytical tools like Simple linear regression, and multiple regression models along with the curvilinear models have been used.%%%Bibliography p.171-179,Appendix p.180-195