AbstractsComputer Science

An empirical validation of metric Suites for open source software;

by Shanthi P M

Institution: Anna University
Department: An empirical validation of metric Suites for open source software
Year: 2015
Keywords: objectoriented paradigms; open source system
Record ID: 1182928
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/38944


In this modern world every aspect of life is made easy by newlineautomation of all possible manual works The computerization is a systematic newlinework which can be accomplished with the help of some software The newlinesoftware is a set of user defined programs which are used to develop an newlineapplication to fulfil the required task In the process of software development newlinevaried techniques like structure oriented procedure oriented and objectoriented newlineparadigms are implemented to achieve simplicity modularity newlineefficiency integrity of data and reduction of complexity The software newlinedevelopment can be more efficient and less complex only when the userdefined newlineprograms are combined into packages of predefined functions So the newlineknowledge of the packages of the predefined functions is necessary in order to newlineimplement these functions in the software development newlineA developer needs to learn thoroughly about the packages classes newlineand methods which can be used in the software development Software newlineindustry is migrating towards open source development environment as it is newlinecost efficient secured and also provides the source code On the contrary to newlinecommercial softwares open source system provides many inbuilt functions so newlineas to develop an application effectively with less complexity under free open newlinesource license agreement newline newline%%%appendix p142-196, reference p197-207.