Indo-Fijian diasporic bodies : narratives in text, image, popular culture, and the lived everyday in Fiji and Liverpool, Sydney, Australia

by Mohit Manoj Prasad

Institution: University of Western Sydney
Degree: PhD
Year: 0
Keywords: East Indians; Fiji; history; ethnic relations; social life and customs; migration
Record ID: 1068044
Full text PDF: http://handle.uws.edu.au:8081/1959.7/15318


This thesis examines modalities of identity and representation for the Indo-Fijian diaspora and its second shift diasporic remove in Liverpool, Sydney, Australia. Indo-Fijian Literature in English, Fiji-Hindi, Memoir form of Indo-Fijian diasporic writings along with representations of Indo- Fijians in other texts are examined in the first instance to enable siting of various identities and representations. This is used as a springboard to engage with instances of production; expression and consumption of Popular Culture in Indo-Fijian diasporas are examined towards a critical inquiry into the problematic of Indo-Fijian diasporic identities and representations. The problem at hand is the issue of identity and representation between the binaries of homogeneous constructs of a people and their lives and that of heterogeneous modalities that takes in difference and the place of the individual and their everyday lived space in the Indo-Fijian diaspora. Modes of identity and representation in its various modes, literary, non-literary narratives and in the production, expression and consumption of popular culture is examined in this thesis towards a construct of a diaspora, of a people, beyond convenient reductive homogeneous constructs. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)