An economic analysis of employment conditions of non-English speaking migrant women in Australia

by Rowshan Ara Haque

Institution: Victoria University of Technology
Department: School of Applied Economics
Year: 2005
Keywords: School of Economics and Finance; 1608 Sociology; 1402 Applied Economics
Record ID: 1066602
Full text PDF: http://vuir.vu.edu.au/15603/


This thesis provides an empirical investigation of the employment status of Non-English-Speaking Background (NESB) and Australia-born women. The analysis adds to the work of Australian authors who have found that NESB women are underrepresented in occupations that have relatively high pay and congenial working conditions, and are over-represented amongst the unemployed. This study develops a definition of primary sector employment from the occupation categories in the 1996 Census, and uses the ANU2 occupational prestige scale and earnings data from the Census.