AbstractsWomens Studies

Complementary therapies : familiarity and use by midwives and women

by Gurjeet S. Minhas

Institution: University of Western Sydney
Degree: Master of Nursing
Year: 0
Keywords: Nepean; Jamieson; Hakwesbury; Blue Mountains; Western Sydney; midwives; pregnancy; alternative medicine; child birth
Record ID: 1064961
Full text PDF: http://handle.uws.edu.au:8081/1959.7/513


This study is an exploratory study, descriptive in nature and investigates the familiarity and practices of midwives and women with regard to complementary therapies during pregnancy and labour. The study was conducted in four major hospitals in Western Sydney, namely Nepean, Jamieson, Blue Mountains Anzac Memorial and Hawkesbury hospitals. The findings showed that in the main the midwives and women were familiar and made use of four therapies, ie. aromatherapy, massage, music and hydrotherapy. The midwives practiced without any significant training in these therapies. Hospital policies were almost non existant in relation to the practice of complementary therapies and nurses often felt frustrated at not being able to implement complementary therapies. The main issues that emerged from the study were the need for education for the midwives related to specific complementary therapies, hospital policies conducive to the practice of complementary therapies and research into the efficacy of the different complementary therapies. The women need further exposure to complementary therapies and education in the respective therapies if they are to feel empowered in dealing with the stress of their daily lives Master of Nursing (Hons)