On measurements of the molecular cross section of gases (other than the inert gases) with respect to slow electrons [manuscript]; On envelope in which ms. is inserted: Mr H.L. Brose's thesis for D.Sc.degree [manuscript]; Thesis for D.Sc.degree [manuscript]

by University of Adelaide. Dept. of Physics

Institution: University of Adelaide
Year: 1931
Keywords: Brose, Henry L. (Henry Leopold), 1890- Archives; Townsend, John, Sir, 1868-1957.; Electric discharges through gases.; Ionization of gases.; Electrons.; Electric conductivity.
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Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/2440/38640


Consists of a thesis (ms. typescript, hand written corrections) and reprints of collateral research papers submitted for the D.Sc. degree to the University of Adelaide by Brose