AbstractsBusiness Management & Administration

Internet technology adoption in the banking industry

by Salim Al-Hajri

Institution: Victoria University of Technology
Department: School of Accounting and Finance
Year: 2005
Keywords: 1502 Banking, Finance and Investment; School of Accounting
Record ID: 1049256
Full text PDF: http://vuir.vu.edu.au/15431/


The banking industry in Oman is of major importance to Oman's economy, yet the banks continue to conduct their banking transactions using traditional methods. A strong banking industry supports economic developments significantly through its efficient financial services. The role of the banking industry in trying to achieve the objectives outlined by the Sultan of Oman will depend heavily on the industry's capabilities. This requires banks to introduce changes (both at the procedural level and at the informational level) such as the banking industry moving from traditional distribution channel banking to electronic distribution channel banking. Given the prevalence of Internet technology adoption by the banking industry in developed countries, the reason for the lack of such an innovation in developing countries such as Oman is a fruitful research question. The aim of this thesis is to explore managers' perceptions of Internet technology and their tendency to adopt it in the banking industry.