The behaviour of glulam beams under cyclic loading

by Lex. Appelgren

Institution: Central Queensland University
Year: 0
Keywords: Girders; Strains and stresses.; TBA.; TBA.; TBA.
Record ID: 1039799
Full text PDF: http://hdl.cqu.edu.au/10018/921973


This investiagtion was undertaken to determine the effects of repeated bending loads on a spotted gum / resorcinol glulam beam. The beams were 1 in x 1 in x 28 in and consisted of 4 x 1ft. in laminae, these were given a number of repeated loadings up to 107 and then failed statically, Properties of the beam e.g. modulus of rupture, elastic modulus and glueline shear strength were observed to decrease with increasing number of load repetitions. Although these properties experienced determined effects due to cyclic loading the results obtained were still sufficiently high for design purposes. Therefore it was concluded that this type of beam can be used safely in design work anywhere that solid timber has proved successful.