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The influence of domestication and environment on the value of Lupins (Lupinus spp.) as a feed for ruminants / by Zhihong Miao.

by Zhihong H. Miao

Institution: University of Adelaide
Year: 1998
Keywords: Lupins as feed.; Lupins Australia Breeding.; Lipinus angustifolius.
Record ID: 1032238
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/2440/22419


Lupin seed (L. angustifolius) is widely used in Australia as supplementary feed for ruminants. However, it does not perform as well on fine-textured and/or alkaline soils, unlike wild lupins. Field trials investigated the effect of domestication of L. angustifolius on seed structure and chemical composition for use as a benchmark for the breeding and selection of wild types L. atlanticus and L. pilasus. The effects of environemental factors on yield and chemical composition were also investigated. Investigation into the feed value of wild lupins indicated their potential as feed supplement for ruminants either by direct grazing or seed supplement.