Dynamics of tethering cables for a flying electric generator

by Raghuram Ananda Murthy

Institution: University of Western Sydney
Year: 2000
Keywords: Master of Engineering (Hons); wind power; electric generators; wind turbines; tether cables; flying wind generators
Record ID: 1031961
Full text PDF: http://handle.uws.edu.au:8081/1959.7/674


The dynamics of a tether cable for a flying wind generator, employed to generate electricity by utilising the high velocity jet-stream winds in the troposphere, is analysed. A non-linear mathematical model for the study of the dynamics of the cable is described by a partial differential equation, which is solved analytically without damping. For unsteady and damped states, ordinary differential equations are obtained by adopting a discrete analysis approach, which are solved numerically with the aid of MATLAB software. Solutions are found for a range of lumped masses to represent the cable and each solution is verified against a previous case. Likewise, the result for the three masses is checked against the cable using a single lumped mass. The analysis is extended to seven discrete masses. This research highlights the dynamic behaviour of the cable subjected to wind gusts on the rotors and it also represents an appreciable input to the flying wind generator concept. The dynamic behaviour of the cable is critical for a flying electric generator.