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Vijay anand S, 2015
Anna University, Impact of service quality on Customer satisfaction and loyalty An empirical study in indias post Office savings banking sector Using servqual, in

Santhi D, 2015
Anna University, Study of anatomical And pathological feature Segmentation in retinal images With diabetic retinopathy, in

Sabiyath fatima N, 2015
Anna University, Enhanced caching techniques for Data dissemination and accessibility In mobile ad hoc networks, in

Solay anand S, 2015
Anna University, Experimental analysis and modeling Of 6061 aluminium alloys with tic Reinforcements through powder Metallurgical technique, in

Seetha raman S, 2015
Anna University, Aspects of hydrogen generation by Electrolysis of water, in

Alagala swarnalatha, 2015
Anna University, Towards SOPC architectures for a Complete hardware evolution based Genetic algorithm, in