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Sanjay baisakhiya, 2015
Anna University, Investigation on some shielding solutions to electromagnetic interference problems, in

Ettappan M, 2015
Anna University, Evolutionary algorithms based Optimal reactive power dispatch for Real power loss minimization and Voltage stability enhancement, in

Subramanian C, 2015
Anna University, African wild dog algorithm a new Meta heuristic approach for optimal Design of steel structures, in

Koppula srinivas rao, 2015
Anna University, Mining frequent movement path Sequences from RFID data streams, in

Senthil A, 2015
Anna University, Growth and characterization of Semi organic single crystals of L lysine mono hydrochloride dihydrate and derivatives of l malic acid and phthalic acid, in

Murugeswari P, 2015
Anna University, Certain analysis of interval type 2 Fuzzy logic for image Processing applications, in

Prabhakar V, 2015
Anna University, Modelling of the nonlinear wave wave interaction problem, in