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Yuvaraj A, 2015
Anna University, Teaching english as a second language to young learners in select staterun schools in tamilnadu a critical study, in

Kavitha N, 2015
Anna University, Recovery of heavy metals from E waste by polymer inclusion Membrane coupled with cementation, in

Gopinath C, 2015
Anna University, Experimental and simulation Investigations on dynamic voltage Restorer for power quality Improvements, in

Greeshma S, 2015
Anna University, Behaviour of exterior shear Wall diaphragm connection under Cyclic loading, in

Sakthi mala K, 2015
Anna University, Exploiting cross layer feedback To enhance up link tcp performance For best effort applications in IEEE 802 16 BWA systems, in

Krishna B V, 2015
Anna University, Robust and time efficient data mining Techniques for power disturbance Classification, in