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Nasimudeen K M, 2015
Anna University, Application of metaheuristic Algorithms for efficient job Scheduling in computational grids, in

Venkataraman B, 2015
Anna University, Investigation of combustion Performance and emission Characteristics in a diesel engine using Oxygenated blends, in

Chandrasekaran K, 2015
Anna University, Experimental study of machining parameters for turning stainless steel using different coated tools, in

Suchetha M, 2015
Anna University, Empirical mode decomposition based Denoising and classification Techniques applied to Electrocardiogram signals, in

Suthakaran P, 2015
Anna University, Heterologous expression studies of therapeutically important protein streptokinase in escherichia coli, in

Sakthivel K, 2015
Anna University, Optimization of vacuum evaporation system using monte carlo simulation and characterization of cdsnte thin films, in