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Umamaheswari R, 2015
Anna University, Theoretical investigation of sp half Metals in heusler structure, in

Manoj V R, 2015
Anna University, An integrated study on the Biological treatment of no3 n laden Aquaculture wastewater, in

Freny joy K M, 2015
Anna University, High pressure studies on nanocrystalline aurivillius oxides lead and mercury chalcogenides, in

Priyadarshini M, 2015
Anna University, Studies on periplasmic chaperone lola and outer membrane protein lolb in escherichia coli An analysis of lipoprotein interactions leading to identification of inhibitors a molecular dynamics and in silico study, in

Senthil kumar A, 2015
Anna University, Improved performance using event Management for WI max based AD HOC and sensor networks, in

Arun kumar G, 2015
Anna University, Investigation on flexural behaviour of cold formed steel I section with trapezoidal corrugated web, in