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Balamurali M, 2015
Anna University, Engineering pichia pastoris for high yield production of pharmaceutically important sadenosyllmethionine, in

Saravanan R, 2015
Anna University, Investigations on the growth and Characterization of pure and doped K0 5na0 5nbo3 single crystals and effect Of heavy ion irradiation on the Physical properties, in

Raja M A, 2015
Anna University, Improved adaptive filter based noise Cancellation techniques for speech Signals, in

Harish M, 2015
Anna University, Functional characterization of the Marker enzyme UGT in the synthesis of Diterpene glycosides in stevia Rebaudiana bertoni, in

Deepa S N, 2015
Anna University, Certain algebraic procedures for stability analysis and lower order model formulation of linear time invariant systems, in

Vanisri A, 2015
Anna University, Cost effective sensorless speed Control of permanent magnet Brushless dc motor, in