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Priakanth P, 2015
Anna University, Energy efficient and fairness improved medium access scheduling algorithms for mobile ad hoc networks, in

Muthukumaran M, 2015
Anna University, Scheduling decisions in nagare cell Manufacturing through simulation, in

Jyothi kumara P, 2015
Anna University, Investigation of alteration in insulin signaling due to prolonged hyperinsulinemia on 3T3 L1 adipocytes, in

Loganathan D, 2015
Anna University, Certain investigations on performance analysis of multicost parameters based routing protocols in wireless ad hoc networks, in

Chandra S, 2015
Anna University, Studies on the preparation And characterization of activated Carbon from elephant elephas Maximus dung and its adsorption of Dyes from aqueous solution, in

Kalpana G, 2015
Anna University, Effectual broadcasting approaches Using forward node selection and Gossip based mechanisms in manet, in

babu S Chezhian, 2015
Anna University, Experimental and numerical Investigation of incremental Forming on is 513 cr3 is 277 and aisi 304 Steel sheets, in

Mathivanan B, 2015
Anna University, Hybrid model for biometrics based Human identification and recognition System using hand dorsum geometry And finger knuckle print, in