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Jasper J, 2015
Anna University, Differential evolution and its Variants for solving dynamic Economic dispatch for power Generation optimization, in

Vimal kumar D, 2015
Anna University, Different approaches for miningassociation rules from Multi relational databases, in

Pradeep kumar A R, 2015
Anna University, Experimental investigation on Performance combustion and emission Characteristics of biodiesel water Emulsion in low heat rejection di diesel Engine, in

Arockia jaswin M, 2015
Anna University, Optimization of cryogenic treatment for en 52 and 214n valve steels an experimental study, in

Jaiganesh V, 2015
Anna University, Experimental investigations On flow through critical sections Of moulds using water models And dimensional analysis For foundry applications, in

Keerthika P, 2015
Anna University, Design and analysis of multi Constrained scheduling algorithms For computational grid, in