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Selvam M, 2015
Anna University, Improvement of language and parsing models in resource deficient and morphologically rich tamil language, in

Anita J P, 2015
Anna University, Investigation on test pattern Generation and test power reduction Techniques for multiple stuck at faults, in

Siva kumar D, 2015
Anna University, A study and implementation of ant based routing algorithms for mobile ad hoc networks, in

Naidu R B, 2015
Anna University, Tannase from aspergillus foetidus mtcc 6322 production partial purification characterization and application, in

Indira priya P, 2015
Anna University, Intelligent temporal mining Techniques for social network Analysis, in

Jeyalakshmi P, 2015
Anna University, Studies on combustion performance And emission characteristics of a diesel Engine using diesel and methyl ester of Vegetable oil as fuel, in

Rangarajan J, 2015
Anna University, Certain investigations on multisource Multicast routing protocols For mobile ad hoc networks, in