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Naidu R B, 2015
Anna University, Tannase from aspergillus foetidus mtcc 6322 production partial purification characterization and application, in

Gokilamani N, 2015
Anna University, Natural dye sensitized nanocrystalline tio2 thin films for solar cell applications, in

Dhanalakshmi K G, 2015
Anna University, Biodegradation study of Polyoxymethylene polymer Using cuo msn and y2o3 nanoparticles, in

Manisekar R, 2015
Anna University, A study on ultimate flexural Behaviour of RC beams strengthened By external prestressing, in

Shankar T, 2015
Anna University, Life time improvement in WSN using Meta heuristic algorithms Forcluster head selection, in

Shivasankaran N, 2015
Anna University, Hybrid sorting immune simulated Annealing algorithm for flexible Job shop scheduling, in