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Jothi mohan B, 2015
Anna University, Studies on capacity improvements of Meshed wireless ADHOC networks using Power control and cross layer design, in

Karuppasamy K, 2015
Anna University, Synthesis characterization Electrochemical and interfacial Studies on nanocomposite materials, in

Yoganandan G, 2015
Anna University, Impact of global recession on the Export performance of apparel Industry in tirupur, in

Surekha P, 2015
Anna University, Investigation of efficient Bio inspired intelligent paradigms for Solving unique constraint Based optimization problems, in

Meena srinivasan, 2015
Anna University, Certain investigations on simultaneous image compression and denoising using wavelet thresholding techniques, in

Suresh V, 2015
Anna University, Mechanical testing and machining Parameter analysis of lm25 Aluminium hybrid metal matrix Composites reinforced with boron Carbide b4c and graphite c, in