Ohio Academy of History Dissertation of the Year Awarded to Dr. Steven Haynes.

7 April 2014

An almost life-long interest and passion was channeled into the hard work of writing a '300 and something'-page dissertation that was recently named 2014 Dissertation of the year by The Ohio Academy of History. Dodge City Community College Professor, Dr. Steven Haynes, who first learned of his nomination November of last year, said to win the award is a good feeling.


Stanford University doctoral student Jennifer Eileen Floyd 2008 dissertation topic in the news.

30 March 2014

The story reported by BBC and picked up by others is about graffiti discovered inside St. Mary’s Church in Lidgate, England. Here, historians with the Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey have possibly discovered the earliest known tag in English literature. John Lydgate, the elite tagger and Benedictine monk, is explored by Stanford University doctoral student Jennifer Eileen Floyd. She wrote her 2008 dissertation about Lydgate’s involvement in such “architectural verse.” The dissertation’s title? “Writing on the Wall.”

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Dissertation Publishing Mandatory for Master's and PhD Students

28 March 2014

Middle East Higher Academic Council announces thesis and dissertation publication obligatory for all Online Master's and PhD students currently based in the Middle East

In wake of their attempt to effectively combat the rise of degree fraud and improve the standard of education offered in the Middle East region by various regional and international online universities, MEHAC recently passed a new regulation that makes thesis and dissertation publishing mandatory for all online Master's and PhD students. Read more at

FBI Labels Dissertation on Animal Rights a Threat to National Security

17 March 2014

Over the past decade, Ryan Shapiro has become a leading freedom of information activist, unearthing tens of thousands of once-secret documents. His work focuses on how the government infiltrates and monitors political movements, in particular those for animal and environmental rights.

Today, he has around 700 Freedom of Information Act requests before the FBI, seeking around 350,000 documents. That tenacity has led the Justice Department to call him the "most prolific" requester there is — in one year, two requests per day. It has also led the FBI to claim his dissertation research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology would "irreparably damage national security." Shapiro discusses his methodology in obtaining government documents through FOIA requests, and the details that have emerged therein about the crackdown on animal rights activists. Read more at

Time to dig out that long-lost dissertation…

13 February 2014

A vast database of dissertations is making available texts that would otherwise remain buried in desk drawers or dead hard drives. We have finally developed the tools to make it live forever, not buried in desk drawers or dead hard drives, but accessible, available; and sometimes that means putting it out by unscrupulous or anonymous means. If you have it, set it free.