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When It Comes to Dissertations, Done Is Best

19 March 2019

Why the old adage is still useful. By Katie Shives


‘The Best Dissertation is a Finished Dissertation’ Reconsidered

19 March 2019


A Done Dissertation Isn’t The Best Dissertation

16 March 2019

Prioritizing research quality over speed. By Wendy Robinson


Augmentation of labor with higher doses of oxytocin does not reduce rate of cesarean sections

2 February 2019

In her dissertation, Lotta Selin, a midwife, studied data on a total of 2,775 births in Sweden. She has focused on the risk and outcomes of delayed labor and how augmentation of labor with oxytocin is managed.

She found that delayed labor increases the risk of a cesarean section, even among women who receive oxytocin for augmentation of labor. The rate of cesarean section among first-time mothers is not reduced if the administered dose is doubled either, according to a dissertation from Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Read more at

Preventing Dissertation Burnout

4 January 2019

Some advice to help you push through the stress during the final stages of your dissertation by Megan Poorman

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