Finishing a Humanities Dissertation in Six Years (or Less)

18 November 2014

It doesn’t have to take a decade. By Mark Braude (
Tip No. 1: Hit the ground running.
Tip No. 2: Make coursework work for you.
Tip No. 3: Explore the archives (any archive) as soon as possible.
Tip No. 4: Don’t think of teaching as something keeping you from your "real" work.
Tip No. 5: Get thee to a conference.
Tip No. 6: Be open to change.
Tip No. 7: Draw on your adviser.
Tip No. 8. Leave your adviser alone.
Tip No. 9: Set a firm end date for yourself. Then set one for your committee.
Tip No. 10: When you’re stuck, take a walk or write your acknowledgments.

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US scales up sci-tech grants, scholarships for Filipinos

15 November 2014

Get a chance to study under a science and technology scholarship in the US. The United States Government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is now accepting applications for its research grants and scholarships in science, technology and innovation, in support of the Philippine Government’s push for innovation-led and inclusive growth.