Research examines role of motorcycle taxi drivers in red-shirt movement

9 July 2014

Claudio Sopranzetti, an Italian visiting researcher at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, on Monday delivered a presentation "Moving in the cracks: Motorcycle taxi drivers, street protests and the fragility of power in the Thai capital” based on his doctoral dissertation in anthropology at Harvard.


Dissertation findings appear in Nature Physics

30 June 2014

Yu Chen developed a novel way to fabricate superconducting nanocircuitry as part of his doctoral dissertation in the Goldman Superconductivity Research Group at the University of Minnesota.

Typically superconductivity and dissipation are thought to be mutually exclusive because dissipation, a process in thermodynamic systems whereby electric energy is transformed into heat, is a feature of a normal—versus a superconductive—state. Chen, along with his thesis adviser, Allen M. Goldman, and theoretical physicist Alex Kamenev, both of the University of Minnesota, spent years seeking an explanation for these extremely puzzling effects. "But we discovered that superconductivity and dissipation can coexist under rather generic conditions in what appears to be a universal manner," Chen said.


Dissertation Advisers and Their Motives

30 June 2014

Competition for graduate students, some of it inevitable, occurs frequently within and among graduate programs. They may vie with each other to attract the most desirable candidates for admission.

Most troubling, however, are the techniques some professors use to encourage students to choose themselves as dissertation director.