Academic Dissertations in the News

Dissertation student, author of widely sited "Yield Curve" model, is successful at predicting recent recessions

17 July 2019

The yield curve model was originally developed by Canadian economist Campbell Harvey while he was completing his dissertation. In the three recessions since his dissertation was published, including the 2008 financial crisis, the curve was inverted before each one.

Harvey is “very confident” the current inverted curve could be indicative of another recession on the horizon.


That’s Dr. Marijuana Pepsi to you! Black woman with unique name earns PhD with dissertation on others like her.

7 July 2019

While much of the country has been busy legalizing lower-case marijuana, the woman born into the name has built a successful life.

Read more at Journal Sentinel.

Sworn to The Sword: Defending My Dissertation & Heading to Princeton

9 June 2019

Twenty years ago, my mother called a computer science professor to settle an argument about chemistry.... I knew I would be defending my thesis. I didn’t realize that Ethan literally planned to attack me.


Putin's Purported Daughter Defends Dissertation

17 May 2019

Katerina Tikhonova, who is said to be the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, defended her dissertation at Moscow State University on May 24. Cameras were not present when she spoke, but a Current Time journalist filmed her speaking on his mobile phone.