Academic Dissertations in the News

Kauffman Foundation Accepting Proposals for 2017 Entrepreneurship Dissertation Fellowship Grants Read

11 June 2016

Grants of $20,000 each to be awarded to 20 doctoral scholars.


Politicians' dissertation used by against him in re-election bid

23 May 2016

Rep. Tim Huelskamp's dissertation: Agricultural price supports ignore 'economic reality'
Republican, opponent differ on support for some subsidies

Twenty-one years ago, a Ph.D. student at American University wrote a 400-page dissertation on congressional agriculture committees. Now, that student, Tim Huelskamp, is embroiled in a re-election primary fight centered, in part, on his removal from the House Agriculture Committee.

In the dissertation, Huelskamp rails against New Deal-era agriculture subsidies and price supports, saying they “ignored the productivity advances in the industry, not to mention any semblance of economic reality.”



Georgia Tech robotics dissertation is subject of NPR news story

22 March 2016

Would you trust a robot to escort you out of a burning building? Maybe you shouldn't. NPR's Robert Siegel talks with roboticist Paul Robinette, author dissertation titled, "Developing Robots that Impact Human-robot Trust in Emergency Evacuations."

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Juggling Unicyclist Rides off to Defend His Math Doctoral Dissertation

4 December 2015

This adorable video from 2009 shows a very proud father and his son. The dad has good reason to be proud! David, the young man in the video, was leaving home to defend his doctoral dissertation in math at Stanford University.

Tradition mandated that David ride to the defense on a unicycle while juggling. He juggled 4 balls, as math and natural sciences scholars usually do (social sciences: 3 balls, humanities: 2).

He was successful! The father now calls him "Dr. Dave."

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