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The Essential Dissertation Resource

From Proposal to Defense-Experts in Every Field

by James Lani, Pres. Statistics Solutions

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Year: 2016
Volume: 61 pages
ISBN-10: 1612334474
ISBN-13: 9781612334479


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In The Essential Dissertation Resource, Statistics Solutions has culled templates and examples from more than 20 years of experience working with doctoral students from around the country, using both qualitative and quantitative methods, from online and brick-and-mortar schools, and in diverse fields, such as business, psychology, nursing, education, and many others. The Essentials book will help graduate students get started on their dissertation by providing a framework to begin plugging in discipline and topic specific materials. The book also applies to those working on their theses or projects.

Statistics Solutions has been consulting for the academic, research community for over two decades, and we use that experience to quickly move you through the process so you can get back to your life. We're experts in quantitative and qualitative research requirements-- let our consultants facilitate the completion of your research by working through the challenges that prevent you from graduating.
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Research Topic Selection: Quickly help you select a topic that is researchable, fits within your discipline, and gets approved.
Concept Paper, Proposal Writing, and Prospectus: Work with you to develop research questions and testable hypotheses, find gaps in the literature, create a problem statement, select a theoretical framework, and sketch out a methodology.
Introduction: Assist you to identify and articulate the research problem, describe the theoretical construct, and clearly talk about the nature of the study.
Literature Review: Assist you to effectively search, select, organize, and summarize articles, then present in a way that tells a story and drives towards your research questions. We ensure the gap in the literature is clearly stated and aligns with the problem statement. We help replace and update articles as necessary.
Methodology: Help you select and discuss the research design, and provide the steps necessary to carry out a qualitative or quantitative study. Ensure the data plan and sample size are accurate, and select the correct analyses.
IRB/URR: Assist you in completing and navigating though the IRB review process. Help effectively address needed revisions to ensure speedy approval.
Data Management: Help code, merge, clean, and overall manage your data.
Quantitative Data Analysis: Validate your data plan, conduct descriptive statistics, assess assumptions, and help to generate and present analyses, and create tables and figures.
Qualitative Data Analysis: Assist in conducting case study, phenomenological, or grounded theory research. Help includes transcribing interviews, coding data, selecting themes, and assessing the reliability of the themes.
Discussion: Help you to interpret your results, discuss the theoretical and practical implications of your findings, and the relation to existing literature. Assist in developing future research.
Editing: Edit your dissertation document to ensure it meets your school’s requirements, all tables and figures are APA, and efficiently address committee feedback.
PowerPoint: Edit your PowerPoint slides to ensure highlights of your study are presented clearly.
Oral Defense: Help prep you for preliminary and final oral defense.
CURIOSITY Our people, first and foremost, desire to understand what sits before them, and wonder whether it has to be that way. This approach keeps us on the path to improvement.
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About The Author

For the past 20 years, Statistics Solutions has been in the academic and business sectors, primarily designing, conducting, reporting, and explaining quantitative analyses. At the core of our activities, and what researchers, businesses, and students yearned for, was simply to bring accurate, understandable meaning to their data. That’s it. Interestingly, we noticed that while the need was there, the tools to conduct and disseminate findings hadn’t substantively changed in those 20 years. Frustrated with antiquated reporting tools, and aware of the growing global need, Intellectus Statistics™ was born.

Intellectus Statistics is a very powerful statistics tool that provides a platform where users can easily conduct an analysis and have an in-depth interpreted output in understandable plain English in 5 seconds. Additionally, we’ve added common sense features. Preloaded assumptions, post-hoc tests, tables, figures, are all built-in. Glossaries, video tutorials, and real technical support further guide users.

Data collection continues to grow and unfortunately meaningful data analysis is too uncommon. Therefore, our mission in the next 20 years is to become the world’s leader in statistical and reporting software. From academia to appraisal adjusting, HR to healthcare, direct marketing to credit scoring, everyone needs to know what their data means. Intellectus Statistics answers that need.