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Breaking the cycle of incarceration| Stories of my work as a missionary to children of incarcerated parents

by Amelia Cooper Boomershine

Institution: United Theological Seminary
Year: 2015
Keywords: Biblical studies; Criminology; Spirituality
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2132131
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The 'Breath of Fresh Air' project explores the potential for a 'Circle of the Word' ministry model to spiritually empower incarcerated men and women while deepening the discipleship of local church members through relationship with imprisoned persons. Circle of the Word is a biblical storytelling workshop structured by peacemaking circle processes. The model was implemented with men at a state prison and women at a county jail. Volunteers from a local church assisted with the jail program. Data results affirm the model's potential. As a spiritual intervention, Circle of the Word joins the restorative justice movement to end mass incarceration.