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Effectiveness of the elliptigo as an exercise modality in healthy adults

by Nicole M Rendler

Institution: University of Wisconsin – La Cross
Year: 2015
Keywords: Bicycles – evaluation; Exercise tests; Exercise – Physiological aspects
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2130416
Full text PDF: http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1793/73373


The ElliptiGO is a hybrid between a bicycle and an elliptical cross-trainer and is meant to be used outdoors. The purposes of this study were to 1) to determine the relative exercise intensity of exercise on the ElliptiGO, and 2) to determine if this intensity fell within ACSM guidelines for improving respiratory fitness. Subjects included 7 male (23.6 ? 3.8 years old) and 9 female (23.2 ? 1.0) active adults. All subjects completed two exercise tests. Tests included a 30-minute self-selected exercise bout on the ElliptiGO, and a graded maximal exercise test on the treadmill. It was found that heart rate averaged 84% of % maximal HR and VO2 averaged 75% of VO2max during the ElliptiGO workout. Males burned significantly more kcal/min than females (14.5kcal/min vs 11.5kcal/min). Based on these results, exercising at a self-selected intensity on an ElliptiGO provides a moderate intensity workout that meets the current ACSM guidelines for improving aerobic fitness and body composition. Advisors/Committee Members: Porcari, John.