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The water street in the city center : transform therainwater into a part of streetscape

by Bingjie Lou

Institution: University of Hong Kong
Year: 2015
Keywords: Streetscapes (Urban design) - China - GuiyangShi
Posted: 02/05/2017
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The thesis is focus on how to transform the rainwater into a part of the streetscape in the city center. Nowadays, there are hundreds of environmental issues in our city. In the thesis study I mainly concern the two issues, one is the heat island effect in the city center, another is the overflow rainwater recycle in the city. As we all know the temperature is higher than it over the last few decades. Especially the temperature in the city is higher 2-3 centigrade than the temperature in the suburb. Based on the data collection of the site I choose, it illustrate that this phenomenon ubiquitous in many city. There are a great numbers of reasons to cause the heat islands effect. While one of the reason cause the phenomenon in the stone forestry is too much hard paving in the city. These hard paving material will absorb heat then release the heat to the atmosphere. To the cities which are located to the south of the Huanghe Rivers in China, the high precipitation in the summer time will burdern the city urban sewerage system. How to deal with the overflow is a big issue to these cities. I choose one of the city Guiyang to be the site to do the correlative study. It aims to change the too much hard paving in the city center meanwhile solve the overflow in the summer time. I choose the main center place to let the overflow water transform into the water streetscape for the citizens. The research part contains the basic information of climate changes, precipitation changes over the decade years in Guiyang. Besides the site basic material of the site, it also contains the correlative case studies the calculation of corresponding rainwater volume of the site place and the reference materials of using the ecological method to purify the rainwater. The design part is mainly focus on the city center main street and a main water purification plaza, with the ecological and bioretention method to change the over paving situation in the city center. The new creative water street as a solution for the two issues, combine them together to make a better streetscape in our city. published_or_final_version Architecture Master Master of Landscape Architecture