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Positing Living to Remember God| An Autoethnography

by Mariza A Badger

Institution: Concordia University Chicago
Year: 2016
Keywords: Language arts; Teacher education; Spirituality
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2109595
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This dissertation is a qualitative study in which I, the researcher and public school teacher, seek through writing the self in a narrative and evocative autoethnography to explore three emergent themes: My family’s six year and six month circumnavigation, spirituality, and important literature that I have shared with other readers that direct our hearts toward God. Insomuch as the title posits living to remember God, my hope is to make the interior mind visible to my reader as I explore what embracing this position has meant to me; I hope in making myself vulnerable to speak to our human experience of love so that other educators may come to understand the need we have in our American public school classrooms to be guided by agape.