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A program to improve maternal-fetal attachment among Latina mothers| A grant proposal

by Martha Hurtado

Institution: California State University, Long Beach
Year: 2015
Keywords: Social work; Latin American studies; Health education
Posted: 02/05/2017
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The purpose of this thesis was to develop a grant proposal to fund a program at MOMS Orange County that aims to increase maternal fetal bonding during pregnancy among Latina women. A literature review was done in order to examine factors that may hinder the maternal fetal bonding during pregnancy among Latinas. The factors identified were considered in the development of the proposed program. The program would offer pregnant women living in Orange County the opportunity to learn about maternal-fetal bonding, attachment, depression, social support, and techniques for bonding with their fetus. The overall goal of the program is to educate women about factors that serve as barriers to their ability to bond with their fetus along with techniques for increasing their attachment to their fetus. Implications for social work practice and policy are discussed. Submission and/or funding of this grant were not required for the successful completion of thesis project.