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Love Me Tinder: Online Identity Performance and Romantic Relationship Initiation

by Teresa Imaya Bengtsson

Institution: Roskilde University
Year: 2015
Keywords: Tinder; Online Identity; Romantic Relationship Initiation
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2076445
Full text PDF: http://rudar.ruc.dk/handle/1800/24589


Our project explores Tinder – a mobile dating application we view as a product of our time, a modern phenomenon. Specifically, we look at online identity and romantic relationship initiation, taking into account Tinder’s evolution as an application, the users, and subjectivities. Through semiotics and image rhetoric, we analyze the taglines and photographs users post in their profiles. We relate this to performance theory, viewing Tinder as a virtual stage. We delve deeper into Tinder, honing in on its gamification mechanics. We look at how users can be players, swiping identities without serious intent. The swipe, Tinder’s main gamification feature, only alerts of positive feedback, positive identity performances and appraisals. Based on our research, we outline the societal implications of Tinder’s elimination of rejection. We urge that risk is a necessary element of romantic relationship initiation. Tinder is constructed to be a game users can only win, but we look at how it is possible to lose. Advisors/Committee Members: Perez, Susanne Jacobsen (advisor).