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Improving Ghana’s voting system by the use of paper dispenser system

by Mark Rowland Bruce

Institution: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Year: 2016
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2067732
Full text PDF: http://dspace.knust.edu.gh:8080/jspui/handle/123456789/9306


General Elections grant the populace the opportunity to select their president and parliamentarians and also to express their rights in how they should be governed in general. In the recent past 2012 General election organized by the Electoral commission of Ghana (EC), there was an introduction of Biometric System which was associated with the electoral processes. It was the first of its kind ever since the introduction of democracy in Ghana. The biometric process is not just the biometric registrations of voters but also the biometric verification to ensure voter authentication and to prevent voters from multiple voting. Although the biometric system improved the voting system in Ghana, there were a lot of problems that also came up which could have disturb the peace of the nation. The 2012 general election suffered problems of multiple voting and voting without verification which was the main problem to be solved by the biometric system. This however, resulted in the matter of a petition challenging the validity of the election of John Dramani Mahama as president of Ghana. With a critical analysis and observation, the problems that came about were from the fact that ballot papers were manually issued by the electoral officials after verification. That means, voter can get or be issue a ballot paper to cast his/her vote even if he/she has not gone through the laid down procedures. This thesis propose a design and implementation of paper dispenser system, which will secure all the ballot papers and only issued out a ballot paper if the voter has gone through laid down processes for the election. The paper dispenser system take it command or input from a biometric verification device which is rapidly processed for authentication and verification before issuing out ballot paper to voter to vote. Again the paper dispenser system output or result can be used to check for multiple voting and ballot papers that were sneaked into the ballot boxes by voters A thesis submitted to the department of computer science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science (Msc.), 2015 KNUST