Real time intersections on Space Scale Cube data

by MG Driel

Institution: Universiteit Utrecht
Year: 2015
Keywords: Geographic information systems; Graphics; Computational Geometry; Map visualization
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2064742
Full text PDF: http://dspace.library.uu.nl:8080/handle/1874/317777


The space scale cube (SSC) model offers a new way of encoding 2D geographic data with continuous level of abstraction on the Z axis. Displaying geographic data using this model requires intersecting the SSC and rendering the result. This paper shows a real time approach for doing intersections, presented through a functional prototype. An SSC based dataset is preprocessed into an octree structure, which is used as input for an OpenGL based interactive rendering application that provides a user controllable intersection surface. In addition, the method allows for mixed abstraction intersection surfaces useful for highlighting localized regions, and near-intersection blending which helps prevent abrupt transitions while the intersection surface is in motion. Advisors/Committee Members: Wand, Michael.