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Evolution of Online Memes

by Lora Halterman

Institution: Utah Valley University
Year: 2015
Keywords: Memes; Internet; Viral marketing; Dissertations, Academic;
Record ID: 2063043
Full text PDF: http://contentdm.uvu.edu:81/u?/UVUTheses,667


Memes are considered to be units of culture passed through a community by means of selection, mutation, and reproduction. Although there are many criticisms against using memetic evolution to describe cultural transmission, memes can be a viable resource within the context of Internet usage. Memes evolve analogously to genes in that they are replicated and mutated through a similar process of selection. By understanding the characteristics that influence the virality of a meme, there can be an increased insight to the community. Although there have been many unsuccessful attempts to try and predict the success of a meme, certain characteristics have been shown to consistently be correlated to memetic success. Memes that evoke an emotional response, contain relevant controversial content, and are accepted by the community are predicted to have the most viral success. 22 cm. 57 p.