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The Finance and Administration Rabbit Hole: Examining the Demands of Chilean Student Protestors through Henry Levins Framework on School Choice

by Rebecca Doxsey West

Institution: Vanderbilt University
Department: Latin American Studies
Degree: MA
Year: 2015
Keywords: Chilean student protests; student protests; Bases Para un Acuerdo Social por la Educación Chilena; School Vouchers; School Choice; Henry Levin; Education System; Chile; Chilean education reform; reforma educacional; 1981 voucher system; LOCE
Record ID: 2062140
Full text PDF: http://etd.library.vanderbilt.edu/available/etd-03202015-140733/


Amidst student protests that took over the public schools in Chile, student leaders developed an outline of demands for change related to overcoming the vast inequity of opportunity entrenched in the educational system. These were documented in 2011 in the Bases Para un Acuerdo Social por la Educación Chilena. This thesis examines the legacy of the voucher system implemented by the former dictator, and the policies which have led to potentially the most segregated education system in the world, and at least among developed countries. Using Henry Levins frameworks for vouchers and for the division of responsibilities in a portfolio school district, the work explores the hypothetical consequences of carrying the student demands related to changes in administration and the administration of finances to fruition. Looking at the goals of the student movement, and the Acuerdo Social, the author suggests focusing on policy tools which will more directly incentivize changes within the current system rather than attempting a full system change, which could introduce new opportunity for error without solving current problems. In the final chapter, the author provides four criteria for deciding on the appropriate avenues for change, and suggests teacher policy as an area that meets all four criteria.