AbstractsAstronomy & Space Science

Multi-channel quantum dragons in rectangular nanotubes

by Zhou Li

Institution: Mississippi State University
Department: Physics and Astronomy
Degree: MS
Year: 2015
Keywords: Electron transmission; Quantum dragons; Nanotubes
Record ID: 2061358
Full text PDF: http://sun.library.msstate.edu/ETD-db/theses/available/etd-04022015-161450/


Recently the theoretical discovery of single channel quantum dragons has been reported. Quantum dragons are a class of nanodevices that may have strong disorder but still permit energy-independent total quantum transmission of electrons. This thesis illustrates that multi-channel quantum dragons also exit in rectangular nanotubes and provide an approach to construct multi-channel quantum dragons in rectangular nanotubes. Rectangular nanotube multi-channel quantum dragons have been validated by matrix method based quantum transmission calculation. This work could pave the way for constructing multi-channel quantum dragons from more complex nanostructures such as single-walled zigzag carbon nanotubes and single-walled armchair carbon nanotubes.