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Fostering Fire: Cultural mentorship for Aboriginal girls in foster care on Vancouver Island

by Katherine Ritchie

Institution: University of Victoria
Year: 2015
Keywords: Aboriginal; girls; mentorship; Vancouver Island; culture; autobiography; grounded theory; foster care; MCFD; British Columbia; Indigenous Knowledge; identity
Record ID: 2060873
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1828/5829


Historically and currently, the federal and provincial or territorial governments of Canada have neglected to ensure that Aboriginal children in foster care receive genuine, Aboriginal-centered cultural support. This research project aims to address the lack of available cultural programming for Aboriginal girls in foster care. Through interviews and a review of current literature, knowledge about cultural programming is examined and components of a successful mentorship model for Aboriginal girls in foster care are identified. Five semi-structured interviews were carried out and analyzed through grounded theory, complemented with autobiographical reflections. The study concludes that there is an evident need for cultural continuity programming for Aboriginal girls in foster care on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and that a mentorship framework is the best applicable model.