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Understanding the Livelihoods of Women in the Local Foodscape: A Case Study of Accra, Ghana

by Lacey Johnson

Institution: University of Oregon
Year: 2015
Keywords: development; empowerment; gender; Ghana; hybridity; urban agriculture
Record ID: 2060757
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/18745


Women farmers in Accra, Ghana function in spaces that are delineated by gendered social, political and economic structures. It is essential for planners and policymakers to understand the gender dynamics involved, so as not to increase burdens on women's productive and reproductive roles on urban farms. This thesis problematizes the solitary subject of urban women in development, situating them into the context of Accra's urban and peri-urban spaces. My research draws on feminist theory to highlight the intersectionalities of women in Accra and the way that their individual experiences are impacted by homogenous development frameworks. The case study examines the role of urban and peri-urban agriculture in addressing the needs of women farmers in Accra. The findings of this study acknowledge various forms of empowerment and autonomy that women experience as urban farmers in Accra, and they highlight how the hybridity of urban agriculture is challenging mainstream urban development.