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Comic Communities: Interstitial Interventions into Fringe Conditions ; Interstitial Interventions into Fringe Conditions

by Bradley Kaminski

Institution: University of Detroit Mercy
Year: 2015
Record ID: 2060108
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10429/768


The aim of this architectural thesis is to identify characteristics found on the fringe of cities and how a designed intervention can challenge the disparity found on the margin. This study was conducted at the edge of Detroit and Grosse Pointe along their shared border, Alter road. In the first part, research was taken along the edge of the two municipalities to examine the inequality present on both sides of Alter. As the thesis progressed, the site was in flux with many changes happening, while studies into how to represent the concept of the Interstitial began. Finally, the proposed design took into question how to bring citizens to the border, instead of repelling, utilizing theory and practice from non-traditional sources. This study questions what is needed to draw attention to such a small space that is found at the peripheral of all cities and communities. The hope is that what is proposed encourages a dialogue between Grosse Pointe and Detroit to begin addressing issues that have been complacent for many years prior.