AbstractsEducation Research & Administration

Psychometric characteristics and social validity of the 3M Preschool Milestone Scale-Spanish version

by Catalina P. Morales Murillo

Institution: University of Tennessee – Chattanooga
Year: 2015
Keywords: Educational tests and measurement; Child development; Education, Preschool; Preschool tests
Record ID: 2059661
Full text PDF: http://scholar.utc.edu/theses/175


Development occurs through the interaction of an individual and the context (e.g. classroom) where he or she develops. The literature has identified the need for a functional and contextualized tool to measure children’s participation and functionality in classroom routines. We developed the 3M Preschool Milestone Scale, a developmental scale for children between 3 and 5 years old to be completed by teachers. Through two studies, this project aims to evaluate the psychometric characteristics and the social validity of the Spanish version of this tool in six preschools in Valencia, Spain. As well, we evaluate the importance of the scale’s items for assessing functionality and development from the teachers’ perspective. Q-sort analysis was used to identify teachers’ groups as they rated the items importance. Results indicated that the 3M scale has a strong internal consistency and social validity and has items relevant to child functional assessment.