AbstractsWomens Studies

What is considered acceptable treatment of Punjabi women in American Punjabi culture?

by Harmanjit K. Sandhu

Institution: California State University – Sacramento
Department: Social Work
Degree: MSW
Year: 2015
Keywords: Punjabi; Women; Immigrant
Record ID: 2059225
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10211.3/138640


This study explored how members of the Punjabi culture view the treatment of Punjabi women in the United States. This study compared the differences between male and female viewpoints on adequate and appropriate treatment of Punjabi women. Forty participants of Punjabi origin, 20 male and 20 female, were gathered through convenience sampling. Our findings indicated that both males and females answered survey questions that supported a more modern outlook on Punjabi women. The majority of the participants answered positively (60%) or somewhat positively (35%) to Punjabi women continuing education after marriage, as opposed to those who answered negatively (5%). There was not a large significance found between male and female participants in regards to their views on the treatment of Punjabi women. Further research encompassing a larger sample is necessary in order to thoroughly interpret the outlook of the Punjabi community in all areas of cultural importance in the United States.