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Engaging adult literacy learners: investigating problem based learning object (PBLO) use as a possibility for implementing problem based learning (PBL) online

by Judith Amesbury

Institution: University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Year: 2015
Keywords: Problem based learning; Online learning environments; Engagement; Adult education; Literacy
Record ID: 2058301
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10155/503


Anecdotal evidence revealed that learners in an adult literacy program at a large school board in Ontario were disengaged - unable to identify opportunities to act in response to traditional pedagogy used to prepare them for science PLAR assessments. Given the evidence that Problem Based Learning Objects (PBLOs) engage adult learners in science, a similar approach was adopted. A PBLO was designed and introduced to four learners with the intent of fostering engagement in the form of ???social practice.??? The ???Flow??? framework was used to measure learner emotion, the means through which activity during PBLO use was investigated. In response to the online experience, learners were able to identify opportunities to engage; however, a longitudinal study is warranted to understand the engagement in terms of "social practice."