Impact of Story-Telling on Students' Learning of Mathematics

by Nausheen Ahmed

Institution: California State University – Channel Islands
Year: 2015
Keywords: Mathematics thesis; Mathematics study and teaching; Storytelling in education; Middle school education; College students; Case study
Record ID: 2057919
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10211.3/133783


The two different language based projects were designed to introduce the concepts of parabolas and integrals. Integration was introduced to college students, and eighth grade students worked with parabolas. We incorporated a story and acting exercises to help students be active participants in the learning process. To make it interesting to children, the story was illustrated with colorful pictures in the eighth grade activities. The goals for this research were to evaluate if there was a significant difference in the overall performance of the test groups versus the control groups, and if there was a significant improvement in learning on the conceptual problems. Our data shows that the project was successful and students involved in the story based activities performed better.