Rugged field-service computing : a product development case study at Dell Inc. ; Product development case study at Dell Inc.

by Jeremy M Giese

Institution: MIT
Year: 2014
Keywords: Sloan School of Management.; Mechanical Engineering.; Leaders for Global Operations Program.
Record ID: 2045456
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1721.1/90757


In the face of challenging market conditions, Dell, Inc. is in the process of shifting from focusing on electronics hardware development and sales to focusing on providing complete IT solutions to business clients. Part of this process involves determining what products and services Dell can provide beyond its current offerings, and then developing these new offerings internally or through acquisition. This thesis will use the internal development of one such offering as an in-depth case study to examine an accelerated version of Dell's standard new product development processes. Additionally, it will use the case study to identify pain points in Dell's process and make recommendations to improve this process. The process detailed here resulted in the successful development of a new product concept that Dell may or may not pursue for further development and market introduction. The success of the project is evidence of the robustness of standardized product development processes. The thesis strives to provide a working example of this process in action, and serve as a guide for others who intend to identify new product opportunities and capitalize on them through new product development initiatives.