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Investigating the professional life history of upper elementary teachers who successfully facilitate effective science teaching both within the classroom and in the outdoor learning environment

by Kelly Kathleen Feille

Institution: Texas Christian University
Year: 2014
Keywords: Elementary school teachers Attitudes.
Record ID: 2044405
Full text PDF: https://repository.tcu.edu/handle/116099117/4529


This research investigates the professional life histories of upper elementary science teachers who were identified as effective both within the classroom and in the outdoor learning environment (OLE). The narratives of five teachers collected through semi-structured and open-ended interviews provided the data for the study. Professional life histories were constructed for each teacher participant and an analysis of the teacher narratives identified the themes of teacher development across the voices of the participants. These primary themes were based on a framework for teacher development by Hammerness et al. (2005) that posits that teachers develop with in a community where they construct a vision for their practice; understandings of teaching, learning, and children; dispositions about how to use their knowledge; practices that bring together their intentions and beliefs; and tools to support their work. Implications of the research can be realized for stakeholders in the preparation of pre-service teachers as well as the development of in-service teachers. Future research regarding the early induction years of new teachers, impacts of inclusion of the OLE in pre-service teacher instruction, and teacher experiences regarding professional development relating to efforts to include the OLE in formal education should be investigated.