AbstractsEducation Research & Administration

Relentless Pursuit, Pure Mind

by Michael Awni Ghobrial

Institution: UCLA
Department: Education
Year: 2014
Keywords: Education; Management; Academics; Athletics; Leadership; Mind; Pure
Record ID: 2029718
Full text PDF: http://www.escholarship.org/uc/item/54p8v6w4


Leadership is a recently researched topic that reflects a variety of different fields. In this study, theories, philosophies, and various definitions of leadership will be explored to answer one main question: Is leadership unique in terms of philosophy, theory, and practice as it pertains to athletics and academics? To answer this question, research within two prominent leaders in each realm, athletics and academics, will be explored. The four figures are: John Wooden, Jim Mora Jr., Warren Bennis, and Steve Covey. The findings show that leadership is in fact similar regardless of field, and as a result, synergy brought by this understanding could allow for growth in both departments.