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Edu - Plant : new interdisciplinary education space for teenagers in South Korea ; New interdisciplinary education space for teenagers in South Korea

by Daeho Lee

Institution: MIT
Department: Department of Architecture
Year: 2014
Keywords: a-ko – ; Architecture.
Record ID: 2029700
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1721.1/91291


Edu-Plant is about the next education typology for teenagers from elementary school to high school in Seoul, South Korea, by criticizing the dominant existing two poles - public school and private institution. In 201, Korean Foundation of the Advancement of Science and Creativity (KOFAC) announced STEAM Education, the new vision for the next young generation of Korean students. It is focusing on the inspiring scenario for both teachers and students, allowing them to participate voluntarily in new field of creativity, sharing information and knowledge. The STEAM Education is the strong interdisciplinary system to increase students' interest and raise learning efficiency and creativity. Edu-Plant proposes the spacious creation based on this STEAM Education curriculum, aiming to the desirable studying environment which can adapt to flexible conditions of work based on social interaction. In this sense, the young students act as the knowledge worker or creator, enjoying the interaction of creativity, learning and personal development. It is to be the huge network and promotion of learning events, where people can learn and explore new technologies with creative art exercises. Various spaces in Edu-Plant open to both students and the public, by broadcasting students' creative work to their friends, families and anonymous public. It is true the vibrant field of new education, a seamless network of information gathering, social spaces, restaurant, and beautiful outdoor spaces.