"Enhanced thermoelectric performance of Half Heulser and Silicon Germanium, and calculation on lattice thermal conductivity with Effective Medium Approach"

by Di Wu

Institution: University of Virginia
Degree: PhD
Year: 2013
Keywords: thermoelectric; Half Heusler; Silicon Germanium; nanostructure; Differential Effective Medium
Record ID: 2006664
Full text PDF: http://libra.virginia.edu/catalog/libra-oa:3565


Nanostructured Half Heusler alloys MNiSn, MCoSb (M=Hf, Zr and Ti) and SiGe nanocomposites were synthesized with high energy vibrational ball mill, followed by spark plasma sintering (SPS) consolidation. The thermoelectric properties were measured from room temperature to 1100K, the dependence of thermoelectric properties on consolidation parameters and microstructures were investigated. A differential effective medium (DEM) model was also developed to evaluate the lattice thermal conductivity in heterogeneous two-phase systems.