The Role of Personality as a Moderator in Challenge and Hindrance Stressor Research

by Ian Wilson

Institution: University of Houston
Year: 2013
Keywords: Personality; Stress; Challenge; Hindrance; Constraints; Performance; Emotional Exhaustion; Burnout
Record ID: 1994728
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10657/ETD-UH-2012-05-362


The current study used Conservation of Resources Theory to explore the role of Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability as moderators of the relationship between challenge/hindrance stressors and performance and emotional exhaustion. I proposed that Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability serve as resources that allow individuals to achieve higher levels of performance and increase their resistance to strain. The study used a sample of students from a large and diverse university in the southern United States. Results failed to support most of the hypotheses; however, post hoc analyses reveal an interesting un- hypothesized three-way interaction that fits the theoretical argument of the paper. The results support the argument that individuals high in both Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability are less likely to experience emotional exhaustion when faced with challenge stressors than individuals who are low in either or both personality traits.