The Influence of the Tone of Feedback Prompts on the Learning Behavior and Satisfaction of University Students in a Multiple Cue Probablility Learning Task

by Sebastian Thomas

Institution: Rice University
Year: 2011
Keywords: Psychology
Record ID: 1901797
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1911/70474


Previous research has shown that feedback tone affects users' perceptions of computer systems. This study tested the generality of this finding and explored possible interactions of feedback tone with feedback validity and user gender. The task was a multiple cue probability learning (MCPL) problem. Experiment 1was used to establish an appropriate level of task difficulty and ensure the effectiveness of cognitive feedback. In Experiment 2, cognitive feedback validity and feedback tone were manipulated as within-subjects variables. Women improved substantially over blocks of trials in both tone conditions whereas men improved only in the polite condition. Most women preferred polite feedback whereas most men preferred the opposite. These results extend the range of tasks in which feedback tone has been shown to affect users' reactions to interfaces. These results suggest dissociation between performance and preference as men improved more with polite feedback although they preferred direct feedback.