A reconfigurable and scalable efficient architecture for AES

by Ke Li

Institution: University of Lethbridge
Department: Deptartment of Mathematics and Computer Science
Year: 2008
Keywords: Data encryption (Computer science); Dissertations, Academic
Record ID: 1820941
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10133/778


A new 32-bit reconfigurable FPGA implementation of AES algorithm is presented in this thesis. It employs a single round architecture to minimize the hardware cost. The combinational logic implementation of S-Box ensures the suitability for non-Block RAMs (BRAMs) FPGA devices. Fully composite field GF((24)2) based encryption and keyschedule lead to the lower hardware complexity and convenience for the efficient subpipelining. For the first time, a subpipelined on-the-fly keyschedule over composite field GF((24)2) is applied for the all standard key sizes (128-, 192-, 256-bit). The proposed architecture achieves a throughput of 805.82Mbits/s using 523 slices with a ratio throughput/slice of 1.54Mbps/Slice on Xilinx Virtex2 XC2V2000 ff896 device. ix, 77 leaves : ill. ; 29 cm.