AbstractsPolitical Science

Derek Bedson, clerk of the Executive Council of Manitoba, 1958 to 1981

by Ian Wilson

Institution: University of Manitoba
Year: 2001
Record ID: 1718957
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1993/2617


The purpose of this thesis is to examine Derek Bedson's career as Clerk of the Executive Council of Manitoba. Special attention will be paid to his removal from office. The reasons for Derek Bedson's dismissal by the N.D.P. government of Howard Pawley were his relationship with the previous P.C. administration and his presence at the dismissal of three N.D.P.-appointed Deputy Ministers in 1977. According to Pawley, Bedson was too close to the previous administration of Sterling Lyon and had strong ties to the Progressive Conservative Party. The Clerk's presence at the dismissal of the three Deputy Ministers was viewed by some in the NDP with suspicion because it seemed to be a political act conducted before the newly elected Conservative government had been sworn in. Bedson's presence led to questions about his ability to be non-partisan since that was a requirement of his position.